HoofBeats on the Heart is growing and it makes us swell with pride to be able to serve more and more people in our community.  Of course the more the merrier!  We are excited to offer occasional opportunities for people who either would just like to dig their fingers into some thick, warm pony wool, or perhaps even are interested in becoming therapy animal handlers.  We don’t have any requirements on time commitments, but if you would like to help with therapy animal care such as baths, trims, exercise or other goat or pony related care, give us a call and we will figure out just where you can plug in.

If becoming a therapy pony handler is your ambition, we can assist you with evaluating a potential pony candidate, provide guidance on socializing and desensitising your pony, potty training and groundwork.  We would love to have you join our posse of therapy ponies and welcome a call, text or email to discuss how to proceed.

Call or Text 503-516-423610675736_10204094756143062_4703073178377373431_n

Email Elizabeth.Kalik@gmail.com