Pony Express – No Exit!

As I eased over to the center lane in anticipation of my Oregon City exit, I smiled to myself.  ASB is what my husband and I call it.  Attention Seeking Behavior.  Certainly cruising down the interstate with ponies in the back of your small SUV was one way to satisfy that quirk.  It really was more than that though.  I loved to see the double takes as I stroll through the aisles of Home Depot, or pull up to the bank drive through.  People expected to see a Samoyed or a Great Dane, but a pony?  No.  Especially not TWO ponies!

HoofBeats Pony-Mobile

Poco the miniature therapy horse enjoys a little fresh air on her car rides.

My mind wandering back to my driving I checked my side mirror to move over into the far right lane.  No one in the mirror, but a sedan full of gawkers was neck and neck to my right.  Drat.  Only a couple thousand feet left to get over.  I signaled in vain, but they remained exactly at my side.  Reluctantly I began to brake, not wanting to jam up traffic behind me.  As I slowed, the car beside me remained in place.  Like my shadow.  In exasperation I looked over to the driver and saw a car full of grinning and waving people.  Cell phones pressed to the window, they had to seize this opportunity to show their friends, what they thought their friends would never believe otherwise.

Well….who could be mad at that?  I guess I’ll miss this exit and be grateful for the pony in my car.

As I make my way off the next exit a panhandler leans into my cracked window and toothily exclaims….”you don’t see THAT every day!”  To which I smile and say to myself….I do.

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