Our Animals

Therapy Animals

Kalik Acre Therapy Animals come in all shapes and sizes!

When selecting animals to join our farm, we are looking for therapy animal temperment, as well as qualities that would indicate the animal would be happy in our existing herd.  Our therapy animals live at Kalik Acre and include mytonic goats, chickens, ducks, dogs and miniature horses.  The animals live free range in a miniature orchard with a pond, a night pen for safety and run-in type shelters.  We strive to let them live in freedom and safety, as farm animals, while not being used for therapy.




Feeding Frenzy

Elizabeth loves spending time sharing a cup of kibble with the farm critters.

The day prior to our visits, the animals are taken to Holcomb Hills Equestrian Facility to be bathed in the indoor hot/cold washracks.  Hocomb Hills has generously donated the use of their facility for this purpose.  Once bathed, dried and groomed, the animals are returned to an overnight holding pen where they can relax and eat ourdoors where they prefer to be, without being able to get too dirty or wet.

One of our fundraising wish-list items is an Anivac grooming system so that we can bath the horses in the comfort our home, while reducing drying time and conserving water.