We NEVER charge for Therapy Horse visits but are riding programs are fee based.

Are you 40 something, love horses but never managed to find the right opportunity?

Is your 12 year old over the moon for horses and dying to get her hands on a soft warm muzzle for the first time in her life? What an amazing gift!

Do you have a horse that you are on the fence about selling because you DSCN7833haven’t found the time to work with him?



Hoofbeats on the Heart offers “Introducing the Horse” lessons for beginners of all ages. Lessons start with “catching”, leading and grooming and progress at your own pace through saddle lessons at a walk, trot and when and if you are ready, canter; or you can try beginner driving lessons with a miniature horse. We will introduce you to clicker training, play games, learn tricks and just bond with an animal that will touch your heart like no other. Bring your horse or partner with ours. We have horses large and small, to fit your comfort level.

SSmokeyBeachome of our favorite customers have physical, emotional or learning opportunities and we would love to offer a different kind of classroom and a therapist with a soft muzzle and warm breath. Try an introductory 30 minute lesson for $25 to see if it is a good fit. We offer lesson packages (4 for $175)  or a single lesson for $50.  Lessons are approximately 45 minutes long.  Ask about “work-to-ride” program for qualified clients.  Call 503-516-4236 to talk about your dreams and goals.