Where did all this start?

It wasn’t just because I wanted to be called “The Crazy Pony Lady”!


Two years ago this December, my heart nearly stopped when I got “the call” from my Daughter-in-Law.  She was in Texas with my grandaughter Isabella while my son was stationed in Afganistan serving in the air force.

“Izzy has leukemia”, she sobbed.  I didn’t hear her right. “What?!”  Dear God please let me have heard her wrong.  But it was true.  Izzy was very sick and was lifeflighted from Abeline to Dallas Fort Worth to undergo immediate treatment.

Red Cross was contacted immediately and my son was on his way home.  I caught the first flight to DFW and was barely prepared for what I found.  My darling granddaughter was so very ill, and was beginning her very long and sometimes harrowing journey to cancer freedom.

I work for 911.  I’m not a dispatcher, but my life path in and around emergency services, both as a first responder, volunteer and as a support personnel has put me in the path of many people in need.  Izzy may have been MY granddaughter, but so many granddaughters, grandsons, sons, daughters, husbands, wives…people we work with, people we love, often find themselves fighting for their lives at the drop of a dime, or almost worse, standing by helplessly while we watch someone else fight for their life.

Therapy Animals

I had been a wilderness air scent search and rescue dog handler for many years but burned out on the extremely rigorous training schedule in the face of fewer and fewer deployments in an era of cell phones.  But I loved working with animals, loved training them, and LOVE, LOVE, LOVE sharing them with other people.  I knew I wanted to take my passion and turn it into something I could share with people in need.  People in that dark, lonely, place that sometimes only a warm nuzzle can reach.


And here we are.

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