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HoofBeats on the Heart


There is endless research exploring and promoting the benefits of animal assisted therapy programs.  From the simple activities of grooming and handling animals, to the more involved tasks associated with tacking and riding or driving horses, animal assisted therapy programs offer a unique out-of-clinic opportunity to strengthen, heal and recover from physical, mental and emotional roadblocks.

HoofBeats on the Heart operates out of Kalik Acre and Holcomb Hills Equestrian Center.   To schedule a phone interview to see how our therapy program can help your child or loved one, email wings@kalikacre.com.  We have horses large and small, for riding, brushing, driving or just loving on.  We also have therapy goats.  Our animals can assist with strength and balance building, communication, confidence, rhythm, hand eye coordination through a variety of grooming, handling and riding activities as well as games.  We can work with your therapist or doctor to help develop a program to help achieve specific goals.

Email to find out if HoofBeats has scholarships available.  We are also looking for volunteers to assist as sidewalkers, grooms and wranglers.  Our programs can also go on the road for seniors centers, classrooms and healing settings indoors or out.




IMG_20140125_154334_195Member of Path International (Professional Association of Therapeutic Horsemanship International)

Pet Partners Therapy Animal Team



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